after the storm *2018

Side-specific Installation

Sopa Gallery, Kosice (SK)

curated by Petra Huskova


wood / 180x120x70 cm


print on Dibond, wood, metal / various sizes


car tires, banner print, plants, sunbeds / various sizes 

The exhibition After the storm is referring to one of the most popular quotes: „After the Storm, the Sun will Shine“. This short sentence is a metaphor for difficult life experiences and situations which are changing with positive living and together they create an imaginary closed loop. 

The artist has chosen for her work features from architecture and urban city environment and also objects which are a part of the gallery space (e.g. dialog between real and fake oven). As in the previous works from Anna’s, there is also present a strong element of an irony.

Images by Tatiana Takacova