elsewhere *2020 

3D video animation / 2’24

Digital Residency

OP ENHEIM, Wroclaw (PL)

The goal of each exhibition is to create your own narrative. There is no doubt that Steinherz plays with matter deliberately, above all referring to the specificity of the place where she works. Her art installations are a form of play which the artist deforms to give her works a perverse direction. Considering how little the artist is interested in the fate of the exhibited works, Steinherz could be considered a representative of a generation that attaches more importance to what is experienced rather than what remains – experience takes precedence over the object. Her works combine various techniques and draw inspiration mainly from the visual reality of everyday life, ignoring most of the principles of naturalistic similarity, drastically altering size, material or context in an often abstract way. There is a strong element of absurdity or irony in her narratives. Its viewers are left in a vacuum between empathy and mockery, and are taken on a journey of taming new realities.